CareerDesk manages projects with educational institutions and companies that are committed to helping athletes who primarily focus on their sports career. Elite athletes usually have unique characteristics that make them resourceful students or attractive employees.

Dedicated business and recruitment partners are associated with CareerDesk which is a project being driven by SAFP (Swiss Association of Football Players).

Elite athletes have already shown that they can produce results. The same qualities that have created their sporting success can also create success in other fields. Many companies see this as well. Therefore, they are interested in recruiting elite athletes to produce results in their businesses.

Recruitment Partner

As a recruitment agency, you will be able to become a recruitment partner for CareerDesk. You are able to ask for candidates and “winners” from the world of elite sports for your customers/companies. Therefore, you will have access to a special group of personalities that can add an additional dimension to your customers and their needs.

Specific searches and job listings
Recruitment partners of CareerDesk will be able to make a pre-agreed number of requests for candidates annually. This would be the case if a profile from the world of sports matches the position/company.

As a recruitment partner, you will also be able to regularly post positions on the CareerDesks website. The elite athletes would be able to access and apply if interested.


Business Partner of CareerDesk
“Winners for Businesses”
Talents can be difficult to recruit. At CareerDesk we have collected them in a unique CV database just for “winners”.

CareerDesk is relevant to you if you seek employees who are productive and who demand more from themselves and their surroundings. An elite athlete will likely influence your team so that everyone/community performs even better.

Extract from an elite sportsman’s CV:
“I’m looking for results and success 24 hours a day and is …
• Able to provide more than average
• Structured
• Ambitious and targeted
• Good under stress and accustomed to coping with pressure
• Able to achieve improvements and development in a short period of time”

Free recruitment
Business partners of CareerDesk have access to a unique CV database filled with current and former elite sports practitioners who seek job, internship and project writing opportunities. Business partners can also use their commitment for CSR purposes to achieve networking and hospitality in the sports world.

CareerDesk enters partnerships with targeted companies who have seen the benefits of associating themselves with elite athletes.

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